Response Time

ResponseTime_km015The Response Time project began as a pilot project to create performed response to art, space and environment at the Gas Gallery but quickly became something far more integral and fundamental to young, emerging artists in Aberystwyth as a “space” from which creativity can be built.

Response Times have included Adleisio Replay Me at the Gas Gallery Aberystwyth, Artes Mundi 6 at the National Museum Wales and the Turner House Gallery Penarth, Shani Rhys James Cassandra’s Rant at Ceredigion Museum and Tim Shaw’s Black Smoke Rising at Aberystwyth Arts Centre.

It is a unique project not only in Ceredigion but in Wales in that it draws together cross-artform and multi-disciplinary artists and performance makers, giving them an ever-changing artistic and natural environment to which they can produce a performed response within a limited time-frame.

At its heart lies a desire to provide young, emerging artists with a creative platform to develop their performance and process skills, a desire to give the opportunity for less experienced artists to work with more experienced artists to observe different creative process, a desire to create performance in unusual spaces and a desire to create a place where artists can meet and develop new collaborations and partnerships.

Each Response Time has started from an open call to participants – who have included writers, artists, film makers, photographers, actors, performance artists, poets, installations artists, storytellers. The range of people participating is growing whilst also creating a core of people who have participated multiple times. Each time returning participants have been encouraged to approach the project differently – to challenge themselves and their practice, exploring new collaborations and news ways of working.

The event has been curated by a different guest curator each time – so far by a playwright, a playwright/performance maker, a dancer, an installation artist and a performance artist. Curators have been drawn from previous participants allowing a curator to experience the project as a participant first.

The curator’s role has been to start the project with a workshop encouraging people to engage with the art, space and environment of the gallery from a different perspective. The curator then nurtures each piece of work and the participants through the weekend, encouraging themes whilst allowing participants to produce their own work. The pieces are then curated into an hour of performance to explore the way the audience engages with the pieces as individual pieces and as an overall piece of integrated performance.