PlayPen Beginnings Cama’r Ddrama

image by Boz Groden

PlayPen Beginnings returns to Aberystwyth Arts Centre on Thursday 18th October 7.45PM to present the final three play beginnings of nine plays being presented across different venues in Aberystwyth.

The three play beginnings will be;

White Rhino written by Sandra Bendelow, directed by Mair Gopalan

Purple Chair written by Darren O’Connell, directed by Tom O’Malley

Howlings written by James Baker, directed by Sandra Bendelow

The plays will be presented as rehearsed, script-in-hand readings. 

White Rhino asks the question if the world has ended and there is an opportunity to save mankind would you, and also should you, or has humanity now descended into such a state that it is no longer worth saving. A comic tragedy about female friendships, sex, relationships, dried kidney beans and ‘The Sound of Music’. White Rhino is written by Sandra Bendelow who teaches Scriptwriting for Aberystwyth University’s Lifelong Learning Department. Her monologue One Hour and Forty Five Minutes was produced by Dirty Protest Theatre at the Royal Court, her short play Poo Bags and Arctic Exploration was presented by Agent 160 theatre at Wales Millennium Centre and she is on seed commission to National Theatre Wales for her play Secret Never to Be Told.

Purple Chair was written by Darren O’Connell who is writing for theatre for the first time. Darren is an experienced local performer with Louche and Castaway who has recently started writing performance poetry.

“This play started out as an idea for a Mighty Boosh homage written by a friend, Hayden. I took the basic elements and created several poems which interlinked the story. This is the latest version….as a stage play. How it will pan out is…..better than but almost as disorganized as Brexit.”

James Baker is a writer and performer. Sometimes he directs, and he enjoys doing stand-up comedy badly (but would prefer to do it well). ‘howlings’ is his second play script, after ‘An As Yet Untitled Play About Two People In An Underground Bunker’. He is also about to start work on as yet actually untitled sequel to his debut solo theatre show ‘You Have To Be Mad To Work Here (And It Doesn’t Even Help)’

howlings is a play about connection, communication, sex, magic and hell. It’s about the borders between our heads and our guts, the borders between our interior world and the exterior world, the borders between you and I. It’s about how those borders aren’t real, and how we can learn to see it that way.

The plays will be performed by
Tom O Malley, Denise Williams, Mair Gopalan, James Baker, Richard Hogger, Hannah Pullen, Caroline Clark, Huldah Knox Thomas, Roger Boyle, Katerina Williams, Anna Beyer, Lynne Baker, Barbara Hogger.
Tickets £6
Tocynnau £6
To book tickets call 01970 623232 or book on-line here