Credits and Thanks


  • Director Tom Wentworth
  • Sound Engineer Gruff Davies
  • Producer Sandra Bendelow
  • Website Design by Lorraine Pocklington, Greenweeds
  • Illustrations by Boz Groden
  • Post Production James Jerrold at Audio Shorts (@audioshorts)
  • Films by Sean Langton Trebuchet Film Productions
  • Digital Media Interfaces by BCreative Project Management

The Writing for Performance Group would like to thank Aberystwyth Arts Centre, and particularly Gill Ogden, for their continuing support of the group. In particular we would like to thank Teresa Davies for her all her help, assistance and tolerance during the recording week.

Thanks to Russ Basford for trying so very hard on our behalf.

Thanks to Tom Wentworth for incredibly inciteful, patient and entertaining direction of the actors and creating a laughter-filled studio every day. EarCandy has been the most challenging project for the group to date and yet it has been by far the most rewarding and the most fun for everyone involved and that is largely, if not wholly, due to Tom Wentworth.

Credits and thanks for Earcandy Project

Thanks also to Alan Harris and Dan Rebellato whose Masterclasses in radio writing began the groups journey to the EarCandy project. Also to Lucy Gough for an amazing three hour workshop making each of the plays very much better and teaching the group so much about the practicalities of radio writing.

Thanks to Robert Harper and Heledd Baskerville for their help and support in sharing their experience with the Writing Group’s company of actors. Thanks also to the Writing Group actors for pushing themselves into a new medium and as always taking so very seriously the job of performing the plays we write. As always on these projects we were astounded by your generosity in giving up your time and making the characters we write come to life.

Thanks especially to Robert Harper for putting together a fantastic radio performance workshop for the actors. It was endlessly amusing to see actors practising turning pages quietly throughout the week.

A special thanks must also go to Branwen Davies who allowed us to transform her house into a recording studio for two days including a day when she was away in Cardiff.