Cama’r Ddrama Playpen Beginnings National Library Wales

Image by Boz Groden

Y mae’ Cama’rDdrama yn rhan o brosiect blynyddol ledled Aberystwyth i ganfod a chefnogi awduron sy’n awyddus i sgriptio gwaith ar gyfer y theatr ac ar gyfer perfformiad. Anoga awduron i gyrchu ysbrydoliaeth yn rhai o ofodau mwyaf diddorol Aberystwyth gan gynnwys y Llyfrgell Genedlaethol. Bydd y noswaith hon yn cyflwyno detholiad o waith gan awduron rydym yn gefnogi i ysgrifennu drama lawn newydd.

PlayPen Beginnings is part of an ongoing annual project across Aberystwyth to find and support writers who wish to write for theatre and performance. It encourages new and emerging writers to be inspired and write about the amazing spaces and places we have in Aberystwyth including the National Library Wales. The evening will present a selection of the beginnings of plays by writers chosen to be supported as they write a full-length play.
The plays will be presented as rehearsed, script-in-hand readings.
PlayPen Beginnings is a chance to see new plays for theatre in development. The beginnings of nine new plays by local writers will be presented across three nights at Drwm National Library Wales on Monday 15th October, at Ceredigion Museum on Tuesday 16th October and in the Round Studio, Aberystwyth Arts Centre on Thursday 18th October.
The plays on Monday 15th October will be;
Monday 15th October 7.30PM
Cabaret Sauvignon and the Sisters of Merciless
written by Catrin Fflur Huws, directed by Roger Boyle
No More White Feathers
written by Rebecca Pyne, directed by Barbara Hogger
Brickell Avenue
written by Roger Boyle, directed by Caroline Clark
The plays will be performed by
Tom O Malley, Denise Williams, Mair Gopalan, James Baker, Richard Hogger, Hannah Pullen, Caroline Clark, Huldah Knox Thomas, Roger Boyle, Katerina Williams, Anna Beyer, Lynne Baker, Barbara Hogger
Cabaret Sauvignon and the Sisters of Merciless is written by Catrin Fflur Huws,  recent work includes ‘The Cream Coloured clock by the Bed by the Door’ performed at Future Imperfect at The Lion and Unicorn, Kentish Town and Fest Norwood, West Norwood. She was also a playwright in residence with Gladstone Library and Theatre Clwyd in 2016. She also wrote To Kill A Machine, and was involved with Playpen 2017, writing a play called Just Things.

“I’ve set myself a number of challenges in this play to do the exact opposite of what I did with Just Things – it’s a comedy, with an ensemble cast of women, and it’s driven by action and plot and character. In many ways it’s about what all my plays are about – the importance of friendship triumphing – or not over restriction and impediment. And it’s about integrity, being true to your own strengths. It’s based…at multiple abstractions…on a true story…or two. The Lie Censor is trying to close down the Cage aux Follies. They disguise themselves as a circus troupe – the Cabaret Sauvignon, with hopefully amusing consequences.” Catrin Fflur Huws

‘No More White Feathers’ is set just after WW1, inspired by first-hand accounts of how White Feather girls targeted any man not in uniform, shaming them to enlist. In the play, a young soldier returns to his home town looking for the girl who gave him a white feather. Thoughts of revenge kept him alive in the trenches but will he go through with it?

‘No More White Feathers’ is written by Rebecca Pyne who volunteers with the ‘Aberystwyth at War 1914-19’ project, researching local stories in Ceredigion Archives and the National Library of Wales.  On a more personal level, the play commemorates a relative who did not come back: Private Francis Joseph Curtis, 17th Battalion, King’s Liverpool Regiment, died 10th December 1916, aged 26.

Although new to scriptwriting Rebecca is prolific in the horror, fantasy, Gothic and historical genres, with at least sixty short stories published in magazines including Aurora Wolf, Mad Scientist Journal, Hungur, Phantaxis, Bards and Sages Quarterly, Neo-Opsis and Bête Noire. Four novels [Johnny Onions and the Vampire Queen; Johnny Onions and the Evil Laverbread; Sword of the Horse Chieftain; Wulfwaru and the Hag Child] are available on Amazon in paperback and e-book format.

Brickell Avenue written by Roger Boyle, directed by Caroline Clark and performed by Denise Williams, Katerina Williams, Tom O’Malley and Huldah Knox Thomas.

Coincidence brings three related individuals to a stranger’s house in close succession.  They tell radically different stories about the histories of each other.  Which, if any, is true?  The householder is caught in the crossfire … what should and shouldn’t be said to these visitors?

Brickell Avenue is written by Roger Boyle a retired professor of Computer Science who has written a number of pieces for Scriptography and Playpen. Brickell Avenue is his second full length play.

Tickets Tocynnau £6