6# Five things by Caroline Clark

Blinds was written by Caroline Clark. Here are the fine things that stopped and the five things that helped her Get to the End.

‘Blinds’ was atypical as it is based on an existing short story so the end ( in the plot sense) was there from the start. The problems in completing were :

Trying to get the individual voices right.

Trying to balance filling out the characters against slowing the action.

Deciding whether to stay with the single location or open it out.

Deciding whether to stay with the “snap” ending or not.

Things that helped:

seeing & hearing it played.

The reactions of the actors and the clarity they gave to the characters.

Advice on where the text was too thin.

Seeing how other scripts developed.

Hearing the approaches of professional writers.

Blinds written by Caroline Clark, directed by Roger Boyle. performed by Lynne Baker, Huldah Knox-Thomas, Catrin Fflur Huws, James Baker, Bob Cook, Denise Williams. It will be presented as a script in hand reading at Aberystwyth Arts Centre on 13th February

Tickets for Blinds are available through the box office 01970 623232 or https://www.aberystwythartscentre.co.uk/theatre/blinds

The final two PlayPen Get to the End project will be presented as follows

13th March 7.45PM 2018 – Death Comes to St Michaels written by Tom O’Malley, Directed by Caroline Clark

More information on PlayPen Get to the End is available here