Just Things by Catrin Fflur Huws

Play Get To the End will be presenting the fourth of seven full length plays in development tonight at Aberystwyth Arts Centre, 7.45PM. The latest play to be presented is Just Things by Catrin Fflur Huws, a thought provoking, challenging play which explores several issues including abuse and abortion.

Just things written by Catrin Fflur Huws directed by Sian Taylor performed by Lynne Baker, Emily Jeffery, Billie Taylor-Adam, Denise Williams and Tom O’Malley will be presented as a script in hand reading.

Just Things is a play about truth. Is it better to know the truth or is it better sometimes simply to let sleeping dogs lie? Is is better to speak or forever to remain silent? Truth or gin?

Sian Taylor, Director said, “It may sound contradictory, given the subject matter, to say that working on this has been a joy. As a director I’ve been fortunate to pair a strong and clever script with strong and clever performers, who have committed themselves to their characters and relationships, and in the process we’ve had some long discussions about and around the themes of the piece, arguably a necessary part of bringing a script to life with the integrity it commands. It is a script exploring difficult themes, and is constructed in a way which blends time and place, the real and the imagined, and so gives the director and performers the freedom to stage it in a way which brings out the interconnectivity of the various elements of story. Having Catrin in rehearsals has been invaluable, and has worked as a two-way process for developing the performance and the script itself.”

Sandra Bendelow, Producer said, “We have been absolutely thrilled by the responses to PlayPen Get to the End from audience and participants. It’s been really exciting to take the project through to this stage. We never intended to do all seven plays, we started off just wanting to present the first twenty minutes and then do some workshops but all the plays showed such potential that we just had to present all of them. There are many aspects of the project which make me really proud, it was great to see Rachel McAdam, a screenwriter embrace the form of theatre writing and really push herself to explore the form, the fact that Katarina Hone has written a script for the very first time let alone a full length play which embraces such huge concepts is really great. But in particular I am really proud that we have created the support that allowed Catrin to get to the end of writing her second full play and follow up to To Kill a Machine. Not only the achievement of getting to the end but the fact that we have allowed her to really explore and play with the structure of the play to find the most effective way to present such a thought provoking play. I am also really thrilled that it contains four really great female characters – something we so rarely see.”

PlayPen Get to the End began in March 2017 with PlayPen: Beginnings, with the first twenty minutes of 8 plays by local writers across 2 nights featuring 42 characters and performed by over 30 actors. This part of the project has been named ‘Get to the End’ in reference to the project supporting writers to achieve the very simple but often evasive task of simply getting to the end of writing a play.

PlayPen: Get to the End is a development project by Scriptography Productions produced by Richard Hogger, Tom O’Malley and Sandra Bendelow.

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Tickets for Just Things available here