2# Five things from James Baker

We asked all the writers taking part in PlayPen Get to the End to name five things that stopped them Getting to the End of writing a play previously and five things that helped them Get to the End.

James Baker, writer of An as yet untitled play about two people in a bunker responded with the following;

5 things that have always stopped me before:
-Just being too messed up with depression or booze or whatever

5 reasons for getting to the end:
-The Guarantee of some form of production – I don’t have it in me to shop a script around or look for funding or whatever, so this was essential, at least this first time
-I genuinely just wanted to know what happened in the rest of the play once I’d started!
-I was enjoying writing more than usual.
-i knew that if I didn’t finish this one, with all the support, I’d never finish any.

James Baker’s first full length play An as yet Untitled Play about two people in a bunker will be on at Aberystwyth Arts Centre on 17th October at 7:45PM. It is part of PlayPen Get to the End.

Two conspiracy theorists wait in an underground bunker while the world collapses around them, a small theatre company rehearses a work none of them believe in while the world collapses around them, and an unstable playwright tries to work out why they’re bothering while the world collapses around them.

An As Yet Untitled Play About Two People In An Underground Bunker is about the attempt to make meaning, depression, love, struggle and failure.

It is directed by Catrin Fflur Huws and performed by Flossie Baldock, Anna Beyer, Huldah Knox Thomas and Emily Jeffrey.

Tickets are more information are available here